Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A night out with the girls

Finally a weekend with the girls. I have been waiting for this weekend for a looong time. No screaming, fighting kids, no dog, no hubby....ahhhh what a night. Well not long after headed out, I started to miss my family very much. I usually crab when I am out and my hubby calls me(sometimes more than once) but this time was different, I was the one calling and bugging. So I didn't have as much fun as inticipated but it sure was awesome to see my oldest and dearest friends and family. We went to a comedy club where we first had dinner and then a show. The comedians were funny and the food was good. The time we got to spend with eachother was the best. Here we are at dinner, I will start on the left front to back and then from the right back to front. My mom, my silly aunt Carol, my cousin Michelle, my moms girlfriend Renie, one fo my best friends Carol, my other best friend Paulette, and me.

My weekend went to prove that I am NOT a city girl, and could not wait to get back to small town Owosso;)
I fixed a Picasso Tuesday so that you can click on the picture to enlarge it. I haven't figured it out completly, like arranging the pictures the way I want them, but it will work for go and check out the guitar hero post..... you know the one with the slowride

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Picasso Tuesday

Here is a piece from Maddie's writers workshop, she is moving so quickly in her writing skills. She amazes me everyday. Oh thanks to Ruth, I have the picture set so you can click on it to enlarge and read her writing....Thanks Ruth;)

Enjoy everyone, yours truly, ME:))))

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Won't you be my Neighbor.....

I remember the first few days of fixing up our house before moving in. I was a little scared, not knowing anyone here in Owosso. I'll never forget standing outside taking a break and here comes this cheerful "gal" from next door. She excitedly introduces herself and tells us a little about herself, how her little girl is only 10 months older than Maddie(who was a baby at the time). I instantly felt peace come over me, like God had brought this "gal" into my life to be all that she has been to me for 6 years now, a wonderful friend. So glad you are my friend, and to have you right next door is such a blessing in so many ways. Not only have Ruth and I become friends but our chidlren are great friends too, even our husbands are friends. There have been alot of memories made and it so so awesome to have children that are close in age and right next door. We have watched as they ran back and forth from one yard to the other, yelled at eachother over the fence, rode bikes up and down the sidewalk, sold lemonade at our yard sales, and last night another memory was made. As I was making dinner Maddie and Bella were trying to get up on the counter and I said you know that is not ok. "But mom...Sophie and Sarah are out there". I'm thinking they are not because it is dark and cold outside, but I pull back the curtain and they are Sophie, Sarah, and Samuel at their dining room window trying to get a message to Maddie and Bella! It was one of the cutest things, here are all of these little children with no care as to how cold it is outside, talking to eachother through open windows in the middle of winter. Sophie, Sarah, and Samuel were delivering the message that they wanted to get toghether and make a play. Even little Ruby got in on the action. It really brings a sense of peace to know that we have found not only one friend but a family of friends and they live right next door.

We love you guys:))

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Picasso Tuesday

Tuesday again already???? This week we are featuring another picture inspired from the Guitar Hero game. This is the guy that sings Slowride by Foghat, one of Maddie's favorite songs on there...nice huh, thanks to Dad. Notice the standing microphone.... I Love it!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Picasso Tuesday

Well this one was done early last year but it is still one of our favorites. The Eloise movies are really cute and Maddie got out her crayons and went to town. I also put up a picture that she drew this from,in case soem don't know who Eloise is. I didn't until we watched the movie.
Have a great day everyone!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

How many flower catalogs do you get in a day?

We get anywhere from 2-3 flower catalogs a day, no kidding. I recycle old newspapers and magazines as soon as they are read but the flowers are sooo pretty, I thought....there has to be something that we can do with these. Lightbulb moment.....I gather the girls, some scissors, construction paper, glue sticks, and catalogs and declare that we are going to design our very own gardens!! It was fun to see what flower really caught the eye of my girls and how they would arrange them on their paper. Notice that Bella put a house in her garden with a welcome sign;) I even cut out some of the flower pages in the shape of hearts and they made very elegant looking Valentines, I will save them for next year.
So before you throw out those catalogs or junk mail envelopes(great for the kids to use when they play office or school), stop and think of something, anything that your children might enjoy doing with them first, then recycle them;))

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Picasso Tuesday

I thought I would start a new weekly showcase. Madison has become quite the artist, in fact she claims that an artist is what she would like to be when she grows up. So every Tuesday check in for a new creation by yours truly.......
In this painting Maddie used only the computer mouse and the paint option on the computer to create a seen from the guitar hero game by Nintendo. Our couch is red just like in Maddie's painting(well not quite that red), and the buttons on the guitar are exactly like that, colors and all. So you see why I just have to share all of these wonderful creations with you;)

Monday, February 04, 2008


I LOOOOVE Valentines Day, by far my favorite holiday. It's a time to show love and give pretty valentines to dear friends and make cute pink treats. This year is the first year for Maddie to experience the best day in school. The day of the Valentine party was always my favorite. Remember the decorated boxes that would hold all of those wonderful cards and candies passed out by each one of your friends.....oh the memories. Well this year I couldn't help myself, we made homemade Valentines and they turned out really nice. Maddie did some but was not quite as excited about making them as I was;) I am really excited about being able to be at Maddie's valentine party, it will be a good time for sharing stories with her from my childhood, I can't wait!! So here are a few pictures.