Thursday, February 23, 2006

Trundle bed, more space????

We have been wanting trudle beds for our girls for a long time now.So ourselves and the grandparents went in together and got them for the girls birthdays. I thought we would save a ton of space and the girls would have their own beds... but wow this bed is BIG!! Maybe I just need to get used to the height of it all:) Maddie jumped right up on her bed and claimed herself as the "Princess and the pea". I'm sure we will endure a few bumps and bruises from climbling and jumping (even though these things are not allowed), but it really is nice for them to have their own beds and one of them can easily be hidden away for more space.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Birthday Blues

Well I am not writing this post to announce that it is my b-day by any means, It has been a horrible day so far and I am just venting I guess. I have been having trouble with my 4 year old and today she pushed me to my breaking point. She has been so disrespectful and mean to everyone today and to make it worse I feel as if it is all my fault. I feel depressed and angry and just plain rotten. Have I failed as a mother? Is it too late to turn things around? And if it isn't the how??!! I don't spank my children, I have tried it in the past, you know the spanking with love and the intent to teach, but I am not a believer of it. I would always get control of myself before a spanking and explain why it was being given, and it was only used as a last resort, but I can't put my belief that hitting teaches hitting, and the fact that it just seems demeaning to me. So today Maddie has had all of her dress up stuff put in a garbage bag in into the closet(only to be earned back one at a time), several time-outs, lost all t.v. privileges for the rest of the day, and then I broke down and set her on the floor and screamed at her to stop at the top of my lungs(now my throat hurts).Let me give you an example: she was jumping on her bed which she knows is not acceptable and when I told her to stop she just stared at me and laughed(now Bella is jumping too,she looks up to her big sis). This is where I scream, I've had enough, I didn't even feel like myself. I mean where did this short fused person come from? I love my girls more than anything and I want them to grow up with good morals and values, but I feel like I don't know how to teach them. Nothing I am doing is working. Maybe I need some outside help myself or I just don't know, I have prayed so much that I wonder if he is even listening??
Well that felt really good to get that off my chest and I'm sure that after a couple of days I will regret putting this on here but oh well.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

First Love???

Today Maddie had a party at her preschool in honor of Valentines Day. We were all very excited(again, I just LOVE Valentines Day). Now ever since the day we went to check out the preschool Maddie and (the pastors son) Samuel hit it off. Maddie even calls Bella Samuel when she is playing(yeah they hit it off). Well when we were buying valentines Maddie had to get Samuel a little horse for a special gift to him. Today as we walked into preschool, there stands Samuel dressed in a shirt, tie and blazer holding a pink rose for Maddie. I thought I might cry but I just smiled really big instead. Later his mom and dad told me that he had picked out the outfit to look nice for Maddie:) It's just so sweet and terribly cute that I had to share.
Happy Valentines Day to everyone:)))))

Monday, February 13, 2006


Well that last post was suppose to tell a story, but it si backwards. The first picture is suppose to be the end of the story:0 And to think my husband thinks that I should change my major to Web Design!!!!HA HA to him:)Ruthie you will have to help me on this one, lol:)

Love is in the air:))

Happy Valentines Day everyone:) This is my second favorite Holiday:) I warned the preschool when they set out a list of things they would need for the party on Tuesday. I just can't help myself when it comes to pink, purple and pretty hearts!! So here are some pictures that I tried to put together as a collage but failed miserabley:(.. Oh well they are funny..enjoy:))))

Monday, February 06, 2006

Can I cry now???

Today as I was making dinner, my almost 4 year old daughter comes up to me and says "Mommy will you teach me how to read?". Big smile and then, "Of course sweetie", and when she left the room....teary eyes. Has it really been 4 years? Where did the time go?, It seems like yesterday that I was rocking her and gazing into those big blue eyes and wondering what will you look like when you are 2 or I can't wait for those first steps, teeth, words!!! And now she wants to learn how to read....Bittersweet to me. I want them to stay my little babies forever... sometimes:)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Say What?????

This is what I am trying to get through in my Intermediate Algebra class. For some reason I just cannot retain this information, go figure huh?
Determine if the given ordered triple is a solution of the system.
Ex: (-1,3,2)ordered triple
x - 2z = -5
y - 3z = -3
2x - z = -4

I will never be a mathematician and I hope that you can see why. I only understand how to do these problems when the teacher is going through them step by step. As soon as I get home from class I try to finish the homework and draw a blank. I will definately need some tutoring for this class:o