Monday, September 15, 2008

Bella's 1st day of "peeschool"

Well I had an empty nest this morning, first time in 6 years!!! It was so cute though to see Bella up, dressed, teeth brushed, hair done, shoes and backpack on all by 7:45am:) She was really excited and did an awesome job listening to her teacher, Mrs. Malaska(Mayakka in Bella language). Here are a few pictures from her day. I love, love, love this first one!!

Friday, September 05, 2008

1st day of First grade

Here is Maddie on her 1st day of school. She is in school all day now and it was harder on me than it was on her. She wanted me to just leave the classroom, no whining or crying for me to stay this year:( Tears pricked my eyes as I walked away from her classroom). She is loving it though and when we went to her open house last night she excitedly took me around her room and told me all about everything in there. She is very bright and I could tell that she will be the sweet girl in class that tries to get everyone to laugh. That is Maddie in a nutshell!