Saturday, September 17, 2005

My little princess is off to preschool

I always imagined Maddie's first day of school, but never realized how quickly it would come. I was very excited to get her all dressed in her new school clothes(thanks to Grandma) and send her off to make new friends and learn. Now I knew I would be sad to see my baby girl go off and have someone else teaching her, when I secretly would love to homeschool her (but don't have the time with college).But the tears that came as soon as I turned away from her that first day were a bit of a surprise and blessing all in one. As Bella and I returned home we were both at a loss as of what to do with ourselves. Maddie is always dancing and signing and just being a 3 year old princess. Sometimes you just don't realize how much a child can fill your house with an unexplainable chatter that until not present, can be a bit irksome. So the blessing I got out of this is that even though sometimes you just pray for your children to be quiet for a few minutes, when it is actually quiet it is the chatter you really long for.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Our Feline Family

God bless my husband, I love him dearly but when he paid $50 for a kitten and brought home not only one but two.....I could have wrung his neck. I say this because everyone knows that as soon as spring starts it's journey, so do the free kitten signs. My husband is the type of man to get bored on a sunday afternoon and decide to buy something , great examples of this are our two feline family members, Thelma & Louise(not pictured). The cats were obviously named by me, after one of my favorite movies. The reason for this post is plain and simple... my love for cats and the great impact (I think) a cat can have on a childs life. This may not be as true for children with siblings but for an only child like me, they can become a best friend and confidant. Our cats are very spoiled and you know I think they really understand this and use it to their advantage, very sneaky creatures cats are. All in all I probably would have paid the $100 for these two loving felines too, they really have become a part of our family:)

Great Friends and a cup of tea......Priceless

Last night myself and two of my friends met up on Ruthie's front porch for a well needed visit and of course, a cup of tea. Now Ruthie is the one who got Kellie and I hooked on sipping tea and we are grateful to her for that:). Now I have never really drank tea before but, now that I have found a few that I really enjoy, it would be safe to say that I have found a new ,relaxing hobby of drinking tea. My daughters and I will often sit down at the table and bring out the china and have a little old fashioned tea party. I hope these little tea parties between us will in the future, be fond memories for them to share with their own children. So I would like to thank Ruth for turning me on to tea and the very comforting Vanilla Almond Tea!! The three of us girls had a good time last night, just catching up and I hope we keep it up because, you know you have great friends when you are an over worked, sleep deprived mom and what you really need is sleep but you choose to sit and chat until well after midnight.:)