Saturday, September 30, 2006

Bella in disguise

How in the world did she get a hold of a permanent marker? That is what I was thinking when Bella came out of the bedroom with this lovely black permanent marker mustache!! Luckily it came off after a few scrubbings:))

Cozy Cats

Well it seems as though all of our feline friends are getting along just fine. Here Thelma is taking to her motherly duties and caring for Jack. It is quite funny to see them play together too, Thelma jumps right in when Jack and Gussie are palying together. You might wonder why "Gussie" instead of "Gus"? Well when we took them to the Vet to get fixed we found out that Gus is a girl:0 But all is well and we love them anyway you look at it:)