Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A night out with the girls

Finally a weekend with the girls. I have been waiting for this weekend for a looong time. No screaming, fighting kids, no dog, no hubby....ahhhh what a night. Well not long after headed out, I started to miss my family very much. I usually crab when I am out and my hubby calls me(sometimes more than once) but this time was different, I was the one calling and bugging. So I didn't have as much fun as inticipated but it sure was awesome to see my oldest and dearest friends and family. We went to a comedy club where we first had dinner and then a show. The comedians were funny and the food was good. The time we got to spend with eachother was the best. Here we are at dinner, I will start on the left front to back and then from the right back to front. My mom, my silly aunt Carol, my cousin Michelle, my moms girlfriend Renie, one fo my best friends Carol, my other best friend Paulette, and me.

My weekend went to prove that I am NOT a city girl, and could not wait to get back to small town Owosso;)

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Ros said...

Looks like a fun night but I can totally understand why you would miss your family :)