Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Maddie did it!!

Maddie has been begging to get her ears pierced for the last month now. We explained to her that she will have to earn it, she instantly ran upstairs and scooped the litter box, and a few other times too. She really did earn her new earrings, doing the dishes, cleaning her room, helping her sister, and putting her clothes away. I was very proud to see that she was willing to keep up her hard work for so long, seeing that it is not so easy to work for something you want. I thought that after driving 20 minutes and walking through the mall(I hate malls) that she would chicken out. She did at first then we walked around for a minute and she said she was ready. She did it, she didn't cry until it was all over, my very brave girl:)) She never forgets to clean them either. You can't really tell in the picture but the earrings are little pink and white daisies. Nothing like when I was little, it was just birthstone studs with really large posts...anyone else remember those beastly things?

Yard Sales and really good deals

Last weekend my mom and I went to a city wide garage sale outing. My very best friend Paulette came too:) We had a really good time, the weather was alot warmer than it was last year. I had to buy a pair of pants at a sale last year and put them over my shorts, it was that cold. So onto the deals... the first is this lovely set of dishes, actually it is two sets one is high dollar and the other is not. The asking price was $25 for each set, I offered less and the final price......$35 for all of them. Curious as to how much Churchill dinnerware retailed, I got online to find out that the pattern I have(peony rose) is selling for $25 a plate!!!! By far my best yard sale find of my LIFE! I have a $200 set of dishes plus another really nice set for a great price, made my day. I only paid $1 for the antique salt and pepper set and $2 for the candle holder. Another great deal I found was a jogger stroller for $8. The personal trainer has a daughter the same age as Bella and lives on the street behind us. She had suggested that we run together, "Oh I'd love to but I have no stroller for Bella" was my response thinking I am getting out of that one. Well when I seen the stroller for that price I just had to, can't wait to see her response when I tell I have a stroller now. The girls have been busy for days playing with all of the new treasures that I brought back for them. It was like Christmas in May and they know it when I pull in the driveway.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mommy makeover day with Madison

Today I went to Maddie's school and got pampered. I had a manicure, massage and a facial complete with makeup. It was such a fun time. Maddie was in her glory with the makeup and looking around at the other mothers, she didn't do to bad of a job.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day....bittersweet

Today my mom, my girls, and myself went up north to see my Grandma. It is always fun to go up north, the town where I grew up, and to watch my girls play and follow my grandma's husband LeRoy around.....just as I did when I was little. It isn't always easy to get up there and see her but a remark that she had made to my mom told me that I'd better get up there.

My grandma is a spunky old woman of 87 years, and after telling my mom of all her aches and pains she said "I think it's time I cash in". I laugh at this because I know my grandma and it is something she would say. She has lived a full life and never really skipped a beat. She had her last yard sale only 2 years ago. So the reason I put the bittersweet in the title is because when I seen her today I knew that she was just waiting to see everyone one last time, I think....she really was not herself and even my girls noticed and that is sad. I also know that I do not want her to be in pain everyday either. We took some great pictures today that I will forever treasure. I spent alot of time at her house when I was little, and to see my girls have a few hours of that same sort of time I had was unexplainable, amazing, and most of all a deep feeling of unconditional love.