Friday, September 07, 2007


We have been recycling for a while now. It is nice because there is a free drop off very close to our house, so doing it is not a chore. The thing I really like about it is teaching the girls to care for our earth. Maddie will look at the bottom of anything plastic and tell whether or not we can recycle it. This sometimes leads to me learning of a new recyclable item. Yesterday I had a ton to drop off so Bella and I went off to recycle after dropping off Maddie at school. Bella loves this one on one time and she really enjoys throwing the different things into the different bins. I would love to be able to go totally green and buy only natural and organic food but it is very expensive. So we try, we recycle, we buy organic in the things that we use the most like PB and milk for the girls only, and a lot more fruits and fresh veggies. So even though our part is small it is still a big help when you put it with all of the other people out there that are doing the same.

First Days of School

Well Maddie is officially a "big" girl. She has completed two full days of kindergarten. There have been sad moments (for me), the first day she got in line at the front school door and said bye mom,bye Bella and smiled all the way to her room, a room that I thought I would "have" to walk her to. And then there have been happy moments too, yesterday she was talking up a storm about the friends she made, the popcorn pop, and how she needs an item for show and tell for Friday. I think Maddie is going to love kindergarten even though she came home the first day and said " I can't believe I have to go to shcool three days in a row", only to find out that she actually has to go 5 days in a row (holiday this week). I keep telling her that the more she goes the more fun it will be. There was a sad moment for Michael too, Maddie has made two friends....both boys;) I think it is funny, he told her to play with the girls. I'll leave a few pictures of the first few days, Enjoy:) Blogger isn't working well so I will post more pictures later. This one is on her first day, well her first day alone.I was with her for the first time there, just for orientation.