Tuesday, April 25, 2006



I really can't get over how fast time goes by once you have children. It seems like it was just yesterday when we brought Bella home form the hospital. Now she is sitting on a bike and saying new words everyday. I'm trying not to dwell on all of the things I wished I would have done with the girls and enjoy them to the fullest each day. Sometimes it is hard for me but everyday brings more beauty and wonder through these two little angels of mine.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Fitting room question

Does it bother anyone else that when you are shopping for clothes and get to the fitting rooms you are told; "only six at a time!! What, you mean I (a mom of a 2 & 4 yr old), will have to try six things on and then proceed to put my terrribly out of date clothes back on to go outside of the door, grab the rest and then start over again!! While the fitting room attendant is standing right outside the door! Please leave a comment if you have figured out this fitting room mystery. This really is a pet peeve for me, am I the only one??

A day at the Spa

Wouldn't we all love a day at the spa?? Well today was picture day at Madison's preschool so of course I am frantically running around this morning trying to get both girls dolled up and stay that way until picture time. I have not yet been out sandal shopping for them so the only option that will work with their dresses is bare feet and polished toes. Taking one look at their springtime(mud stained)feet I realize that a morning at the foot spa is in order. My girls love getting a foot bath in the foot massage/soaker, with the silky foot cream and pretty polish afterwards. As to how much they really value the effort that goes into it on my part, well just take another look at the picture I took this afternoon, only 3 hours after we returned home from preschool:0. My girls are girly enough to enjoy a day at the spa, but easy going enough to believe that "God made dirt and dirt won't hurt":))

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Treasure Tuesday

My treasure today is a Precious Moments figurine from my dear husband. We had only been dating about two months and things were just starting to become deep between us. He told me that he was leaving on a fishing trip with his father and grandfather for a WEEK!! At this point in my life I was living on my own for the first time and Michaels daily visits would brighten my day. Now he was going to be gone for a whole week!! On the day that he would be leaving he stopped by my work and gave me this treasure, knowing that I love Precious Moments and the fact that it is a little guy with all his fishing gear is just what I needed to seal the bond that started between us. He put a lot of thought into this token of love and that is not something that I had been used to. I love him very much and I will always treasure not only this figurine, but also his love for me.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Daddy loves his girls

Ahhh the little corner store and all of it's treasures. Maddie wanted to buy something when we went for our walk and she used her own money to buy some really bright colored play make-up. Oh how delighted she was when Daddy said she could make him beautiful. I think we will keep this picture:))

I Love all the cuteness today

Happy Girl

I love this Picture, pig tails & all:)

Saturday Morning

Maddie & Bella just enjoying the new found umbrella:)