Monday, January 22, 2007

Life is full of all that is good
if that is true than life to me is misunderstood
Good things are there yes that is true
but lately the life I live leaves me feeling blue
Find your rest in God, great advice I agree
I try and try to find that love from him to me
Is the prayer I pray not enough
To carry me through the challenging stuff
More prayer each day that is my goal
To see me to my inner soul


Ruthie said...

My dear friend, life is full of good and bad. Learning to embrace both equally as opportunities for growth is the path before us. Is it possible to find an underlying joy in it all? I think it is, but that is a continuing process we are still striving for. Never compare where you are at in the process with someone else. Everyone of us has a purpose and lessons to learn...and we all need each other. Learning to be still, learning to be quiet..slowly our lives will become the prayer...

These are my words of comfort,but even I know that sometimes words are more of a sting than a balm. And sometimes words feel very empty when you are feeling overwelmed by life. So know that I am here feeling your heartache with you and here to listen...

Yellow Mama said...



The joy of the Lord is our strength.

If Paul and Silas can sing in the middle of prison, I guess we can too...

I'll rejoice with you.

Ruthie said...

Blogger friend, come back! :)

(a message from your friendly neighbor)