Friday, January 19, 2007

Thankful Post

I know this was suppose to be done yesterday and I tried, really tried and I was having technical difficulties...yeah that's it. So now I will try this again.

I must admit that I have the baby bug. Now I don't want all of the grandparents that read this to start buying baby clothes, there is not going to be a new baby any time this year, but I have been thinking of it and a way that it might be possible for next year.

I miss those little "quiet" sleeping babies and all of that cuteness that comes with them. I miss rocking a nursing baby to sleep, I miss all of those first milestones....first smiles, first coos, first, teeth, and steps. For those of you who know me personally you will remember this:

And this:
I am thankful for the sweetness and innocence of these little tiny creatures of God that I have them in my life. The sweet and always loveable qualities that were once a given are now a give and take chance to grab whenever possible at least in our house right now. The sweetness can trun to this in an instant: and this: But at the end of the day it's faces like these that just make my heart melt with love and thankfulness that God thought so much of me to give me two of life's greatest gifts.


Ruthie said...

Wonderful! lol...I love this post :) The pictures are perfectly priceless! How blessed we are...

Yellow Mama said...

Cute post, and yes you are so right.

My hubby and I were out with our 7 year old to a local restaurant. Seated just a few table over were two couple with their little girls who were throughly entertaining their parents. I just laughed...wait till they are 16 and know every answer in the universe and lets see if their smiles are as broad.

Still, I wouldn't give anything for my relationship with our nearly 20 year old daughter. Still working on the relationship with the 16 year old daughter whose constant statement is..."what do you think I am stupid?" any parenting advice.

Still this too will improve as she matures...wouldn't have missed having her either!