Friday, February 02, 2007


Here are some wise, meaningful words that spoke to me in a way that changed something in me. They are from a yoga dvd lent to me by a very good friend.

" Be active.....Surrender".

I love that!!! Sometimes it seems that we are all so active that we forget to surrender. Surrender our hearts to God, our children, and our mates. We skip right over all of the surrendering moments that come and go throughout the day. Moments when our children ask us to play hide and seek, play go fish, or get all fancied up with them. Moments when that favorite book is calling us, or even the couch for a 15 minute rest. Whatever it may be I've realized that it is important to surrender at moments like these. Take these moments, cherish these moments and just surrender, the rest will get done, when you are done.

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Ruthie said...

I needed this good reminder today. I love the idea of being open and free to the simple moments you mentioned as surrendering moments, letting ourselves embrace and surrender to these real-life experiences...they are the sweetest! Great thoughts!Thanks :)