Tuesday, February 14, 2006

First Love???

Today Maddie had a party at her preschool in honor of Valentines Day. We were all very excited(again, I just LOVE Valentines Day). Now ever since the day we went to check out the preschool Maddie and (the pastors son) Samuel hit it off. Maddie even calls Bella Samuel when she is playing(yeah they hit it off). Well when we were buying valentines Maddie had to get Samuel a little horse for a special gift to him. Today as we walked into preschool, there stands Samuel dressed in a shirt, tie and blazer holding a pink rose for Maddie. I thought I might cry but I just smiled really big instead. Later his mom and dad told me that he had picked out the outfit to look nice for Maddie:) It's just so sweet and terribly cute that I had to share.
Happy Valentines Day to everyone:)))))


HolyMama! said...

now THAT is a cute couple!

Jennifer said...

That is SO cute!!!