Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Say What?????

This is what I am trying to get through in my Intermediate Algebra class. For some reason I just cannot retain this information, go figure huh?
Determine if the given ordered triple is a solution of the system.
Ex: (-1,3,2)ordered triple
x - 2z = -5
y - 3z = -3
2x - z = -4

I will never be a mathematician and I hope that you can see why. I only understand how to do these problems when the teacher is going through them step by step. As soon as I get home from class I try to finish the homework and draw a blank. I will definately need some tutoring for this class:o


HolyMama! said...

I bet there are smarter people out there than me that can help you with that one. But in the meantime, I"ll just join ya and say Whaaa? Hang in there, with it, though. You'll get it sooner than you think if you're able to do it in class!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for your belief in me,I will not give up:) Alot of it has to do with the teacher you get. In my last math class I left with an A,only two problems wrong in the whole class, but the teahcer was very good and never rushed through a question . This teacher is total opposite. Thanks again:)