Friday, September 16, 2005

Our Feline Family

God bless my husband, I love him dearly but when he paid $50 for a kitten and brought home not only one but two.....I could have wrung his neck. I say this because everyone knows that as soon as spring starts it's journey, so do the free kitten signs. My husband is the type of man to get bored on a sunday afternoon and decide to buy something , great examples of this are our two feline family members, Thelma & Louise(not pictured). The cats were obviously named by me, after one of my favorite movies. The reason for this post is plain and simple... my love for cats and the great impact (I think) a cat can have on a childs life. This may not be as true for children with siblings but for an only child like me, they can become a best friend and confidant. Our cats are very spoiled and you know I think they really understand this and use it to their advantage, very sneaky creatures cats are. All in all I probably would have paid the $100 for these two loving felines too, they really have become a part of our family:)

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