Saturday, September 17, 2005

My little princess is off to preschool

I always imagined Maddie's first day of school, but never realized how quickly it would come. I was very excited to get her all dressed in her new school clothes(thanks to Grandma) and send her off to make new friends and learn. Now I knew I would be sad to see my baby girl go off and have someone else teaching her, when I secretly would love to homeschool her (but don't have the time with college).But the tears that came as soon as I turned away from her that first day were a bit of a surprise and blessing all in one. As Bella and I returned home we were both at a loss as of what to do with ourselves. Maddie is always dancing and signing and just being a 3 year old princess. Sometimes you just don't realize how much a child can fill your house with an unexplainable chatter that until not present, can be a bit irksome. So the blessing I got out of this is that even though sometimes you just pray for your children to be quiet for a few minutes, when it is actually quiet it is the chatter you really long for.

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Ruthie said...

It is amazing how one little person can fill your house up so much.