Friday, September 16, 2005

Great Friends and a cup of tea......Priceless

Last night myself and two of my friends met up on Ruthie's front porch for a well needed visit and of course, a cup of tea. Now Ruthie is the one who got Kellie and I hooked on sipping tea and we are grateful to her for that:). Now I have never really drank tea before but, now that I have found a few that I really enjoy, it would be safe to say that I have found a new ,relaxing hobby of drinking tea. My daughters and I will often sit down at the table and bring out the china and have a little old fashioned tea party. I hope these little tea parties between us will in the future, be fond memories for them to share with their own children. So I would like to thank Ruth for turning me on to tea and the very comforting Vanilla Almond Tea!! The three of us girls had a good time last night, just catching up and I hope we keep it up because, you know you have great friends when you are an over worked, sleep deprived mom and what you really need is sleep but you choose to sit and chat until well after midnight.:)


Riz said...

Neato like your blog. Added it to my bookmarks to check for updates.

I have a childrens activities site/blog.
It pretty much covers childrens activities related stuff.

Come and check it out if you get time.

Kristina Poughkeepsie said...

Cute post. I, too, am a strong believer in the comfort of a cupa tea. I wish you luck in your future blog endeavors and with your family. Peace, Krissy

dan said...

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Stephanie said...

Thanks to all of you that commented. I was very surprised to see 3 comments!!:) Very encouraging.Thanks again.

Ruthie said...

Hi Steph! You gals can come hang out on my porch with your tea cups any day! I'm glad you're blogging!