Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some of my thoughts on this Holiday Season

The holidays are getting closer and so is the failing economy. It brings me to thoughts like how did the meaning of Christmas come to buying so many gifts for your family that they are left overwhelmed and don't even appreciate it. Whatever happened to enjoying each other at Christmastime and having a few special gifts to give that will actually leave a lasting impression on someone? I believe that this Christmas is going to be a rude awakening to many children(mine included) but a much needed one! My girls have circled almost everything in the toy catalogs that were printed. I remember doing this as a child and it is fun but, the consumerism of it all has sort of ruined the true holiday spirit. We have a certain amount to spend on each child this year and have decided to not buy for everyone else like we usually do, it is just too much. I have some homemade gifts that I will put my heart into and give to those special to me and our family but we really need to pull together and stop this materialistic life that is taking the "real" moments from our children.
So tell me some of your ideas on this Holiday Season, how will you save money? What are some of your favorite traditions? Are you cutting back too?

I hope everyone has a Wonderful Holiday Season, enjoy your family and have fun creating those memories and traditions that will last a lifetime!!


Ruthie said...

I'm so with you on this one, Steph. I love giving to my children, but in many ways I feel Christmas is so backward. I would love to see my children excitement about giving overshadow the getting. I'm thinking on this and want to up our focus on compassion and thankfulness this season. I need a holiday overhaul myself...all the materialism has made me a bit of a cynic the past few years. I am feeling inspired to change that and embrace the opportunity to open our hearts to those in our community who are in need...not just now, but all year round. This is a great place to start. Thanks for this post. I'm thinking now!

Stephanie said...

I'm with you!
I would love to be able to adopt a family in need and have my girls understand the importance of helping the people in need right here in our own community.
Last night we went grocery shopping, just Maddie and I and it was late & cold, we saw a lady at Kroger that I've kown as a customer through Rite Aid for years now. She is a very sweet person and walks everywhere she goes (she lives right across from Rite Aid). Anyway on our way out she was sitting on the bench in the Kroger entrance and I asked her if she would like a ride, thankfully she accepted. It was so nice to share our stories of the upcoming Holiday's plans. She is a very sweet soul and I am glad that I got to share that open hearted experience with Maddie.

Ros said...

I also agree with you on this.. and I think (as harsh as it is) for quite a few kids it will actually be a good lesson this Christmas - well at least if families redirect their focus of Christmas more on to family, love and fun, and the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus, as opposed to the out of control commercialism that has taken over. I do feel bad for business owners who are expecting a damagingly low Christmas period and may have to lay off staff or even close down in the future.
As for our family, it won't be much of an issue. I have always tried to focus more on family and tradition rather than on physical gifts... and we do do Santa, but our Santa policy has always been - you can ask Santa for whatever you like, but he likely won't bring it - instead he brings what he feels is appropriate for you, and sometimes he has a strange sense of humor!! ;)