Thursday, November 20, 2008

How did this happen so fast?

or this?

My babies are growing up way too fast!! I miss snuggling with a freshly bathed baby in my arms, the learning of new words, sounds and steps. Time sure does go by fast and it is hard for me to believe that in a few months my girls will be 7 and 5!!! That just seems ubsourd to me! I remember Mike and I wondering what Maddie would look like when she turned 2 or how Bella will sound when she starts talking. Now Maddie is so beautiful that it takes my breath away sometimes. As for Bella's voice, I'm surprised that she hasn't lost it. She talks more than any kid I know but with a very sweet voice. Enjoy your babies they don't stay that way for long.


Ruthie said...

They do grow sooo fast. It's amazing! You're girls are beautiful, my friend.

Ros said...

What a lovely post of reflection :)