Thursday, April 24, 2008

Look at this new smile

Yes Maddie had another visit from the tooth fairy, and her new teeth are already coming in. she is now busy wiggling the top two teeth that are loose! What a cute smile that will be:)

Maddie is also busy scheming up ways to get her ears pierced! I told her that if she really wants them done(which she does) that she will have to earn the money by doing chores and extra jobs around the house. She immediately went upstairs and scooped the litter box. So for her efforts I gave her 50cents, now she is not going to get that for every little thing she does, I just wanted to show her that if she helps out we will help her out. Yesterday she came home from school and headed straight upstairs....washing hands and potty I think, oh no she is scooping the litter box!!! She really wants this done and it is so exciting for her. It is really cute to see her trying to earn the money for it. She makes her bed everyday now too:) We will see how excited she is when the ladies pull out those ear piercing guns:0
I'll keep you all updated on this one.


Ruthie said...

Cute Steph...she'll feel so proud that she earned the oney herself, too. :)

Ruthie said...

oops...I mean the money, not the oney. :) LOL!

Ros said...

Nathalie has the exact same smile right now :) Same teeth missing!
That is good Maddie is doing chores. How old is she? My 6 year old Alexa really wants her ears pierced too. I told her she can have it done for her birthday. I told her the same thing last year, but she chickened out. I don't think she will this year.