Monday, June 18, 2007

Dance is over ahhhh.....

After taking a 6 week summer dance class last year Maddie wanted to keep with it. So after finding out that her teacher from that class just became pregnant, I wondered how she would be able to teach the whole year. We ended up going to a studio that is new to Owosso, BIG mistake. I will not go into all of the horid details of this ladies business sense but I will leave you all a beautiful picture of my little "Dance Star".

By the way she did a wonderful job at the recital and for all of you wondering if I will let her continue dance, let's just say that if she wants to I will take her back to the place where she went that one summer. I saw some of the pictures from their recital and the costumes were not only 100% cuter(if that's even a word) but they were also $20 cheaper!!

Enjoy the pictures

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