Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Kind of busy today so this won't be a long post. I was talking with a friend and she really got me thinking about something I had read in my book. That is an emotion that I carry with me daily that I wish I could let go of forever....Worry. I worry about everything and it is not healthy or fun. I am missing out on other great feelings because I hold on to this worrisome mind set. My dear friend pointed out that I am not living in the moment, the right now in life, I am always thinking "what if". Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not here yet so why not just enjoy today and the right now of it all. I'm taking this to heart and really going to try and keep this in mind the next time I start to worry about the silliest things. So today I am thankful for my friend who point blank told me to stop worrying and live in the right now;) Love Ya Friend.

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Ruthie said...

Right back at'cha gal!

"This is the only moment."