Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The secret of happiness

I am currently reading this book and really enjoying it. I am excited to start putting these exercises into practice. I want , not only for myself but for my girls and husband too, a sense of thankfulness for what we have. A sense of feeling like this is what our lives are meant to be right now and not expecting or wanting more. Sounds nice huh? This is going to be very challenging for us, I admit we have been roped into the material world. A material world that is so domineering that even the littlest ones are hypnotized by it. I find myself wanting all of the new beauty products, clothes, shoes, home furnishings, clothes/accessories for the girls, and on and on. Where does it stop?? I'm hoping to figure this out while reading this book. I'll leave you with a few good thoughts from this book, Enjoy:)

The richest among you is the one who is not entrapped by greed...The miser is the poorest of all.

Satisfaction isn't so much getting what you want as wanting what you have.
~David Myers, author of The Pursuit of Happiness~

Love that last one!!!

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Ruthie said...

"Satisfaction isn't so much getting what you want as wanting what you have."

That is so true. Gratitude is such a huge aspect of growing spiritually.