Thursday, April 20, 2006

Fitting room question

Does it bother anyone else that when you are shopping for clothes and get to the fitting rooms you are told; "only six at a time!! What, you mean I (a mom of a 2 & 4 yr old), will have to try six things on and then proceed to put my terrribly out of date clothes back on to go outside of the door, grab the rest and then start over again!! While the fitting room attendant is standing right outside the door! Please leave a comment if you have figured out this fitting room mystery. This really is a pet peeve for me, am I the only one??


Praying for your Prodigal said...

I think I'd find somewhere else to shop! That's crazy! I am in total agreement with you!


Geekwif said...

It is crazy, but I've never found any place without a limit. If you take a friend along who isn't shopping for herself, you can always have her take some items too.

I did this last week. It worked pretty well. My friend was only trying on 2 or 3 things so she took in 3 extra things for me. That way I could have 9 things. (We switched once we got back into the rooms away from the hawk-eyed attendant.)

Nicki said...

Shopping for clothes for yourself? What's that? I forget. Hee!

HolyMama! said...

i understand WHY and all, but oh yeah is it EVER so inconvenient!!

Avery said...

ok, the lady who stops you, she also has another purpose, and she will hate me forever for telling you this one.

get everything you want to try on, go and she says 6 at a time.

Count out the fist 6 items, and hand her the rest.

Take your kids, try on the clothes, in outfit number six, come out and hand her the stuff you don't want. Put the stuff youdo want in the cart and haver her give you 6 more items.

Continue this until you are done, and your kids get to stay in the changing room with all of your old clothes while you come out and get the new clothes.

The lady then refolds, and puts them on teh hangers for you and you save that time as well.

trust me there is a reason for this though, I used to work for Ames and for K-mart and you wouldn't believe the stuff people would do.......