Thursday, December 15, 2005

December 14th, 2005

As I search for a way to make more room for my girls in their bedroom it hits me, Maddie loves Little House on the Prairie and Mary & Laura share a bed:). Being able to remove a bed would provide so much more room for the girls to play and the new treasures that Santa will be bringing our way. So I gave it a try and for two nights they have cuddled, played and willingly slept next to each other. Even little Bella is sleeping longer than the usual 3 hour intervals. I will continue this new bedtime ritual until we are able to get a trundle bed. I can't resist how cute they look all snuggled up to each other too!!

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Sid said... ain't that cute...u shud be a proud mom to have such cute lil daughters...hope ur ritual works out fine....all the best for that...take care