Monday, November 21, 2005

Welcome to the Cat Refuge

Over the last couple of months our front porch has become a favorite spot for lost,sick, and abandoned cats. First there was Nikko (Maddie named him), Nikko had a bad eye but he loved my daughters and all their friends. He was always there and loved any attention, sweet but still not coming inside. We thought about what we were going to do with him because he was so sweet and Maddie especially, grew very attached to him. He disappeared for a couple of days only to return with it's back legs limp. He must have fallen from a tree given how he chased birds and squirrels in our trees in the backyard. So my husband took poor Nikko to the humane society where they put him to sleep, better off he was suffering. We all shed some tears and told Maddie he found a new cat friend and they went off on an adventure together. Then comes Sally, a beautiful long haired black and white cat. Yes Maddie named her too:) Sally is a little on the timid side, I wonder if she has a home just not a loving one. We feed her on the porch and give her a little milk here and there but she runs when she hears a noise. A couple of weeks ago a new fellow appeared, no name yet, Maddie has only seen him once when he made his way through our front door. He is loving and has a very distinguished face, I will keep you updated on the name for I am sure he will posess one soon. Now the other day my husband said there was yet another cat hanging out in the front flower bed!! Tonight I saw him/her for myself and how sad. Nothing but skin and bones and sick with some kind of cold. This is when my husband said " What is this the front porch cat refuge?". This poor cat scarfed down some cat food all the while sniffing and shivering. Being the overly sensitive person that I am I went inside and grabbed my old comfy lounge blanket and wrapped up the cat and put it in the front porch chair. I don't quite know what to make of this new found cat business but I can't just turn my back on a lonely, sick, cold and starving cat.

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Ruthie said...

What a softy! Really, it's great for your girls to grow up seeing such compassion towards these little animals.