Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bed time

Until recently there was never a set bed time routine in our home. Well with mom getting very little sleep and no one wanting to sleep in their own beds, something had to change. So about 2-3 months ago I enforced a bed time routine that I thought would take months to enforce,but to my surprise and delight the girls caught on rather quickly and I believe enjoy it. So much that last night when I got home from class my husband was excitedly telling me how our 19 month old daughter got up from the couch and said to him "beh, beh" he replied with do you want to go to bed?, go ahead and go get in your bed. With that Bella walked into her room pushed her stuffed kitties off her bed and climbed in, with a puckered up face she kissed Dad goodnight and off to dreamland she went!!!! I am still in awe over this one, I mean the girls are no longer rocked or nursed to sleep but to want to go to bed and do it on their own amazes me....Thank you God for such sweet moments my children bring to my life.

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Ruthie said...

That's fantastic, Steph!