Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Sisters Are....

Being an only child I'm learning, right along with my girls, what it is like to have a sister. When Bella was first born there was a big change in Maddie and not for the best. There was jealousy and a sense of not being the center of attention when the baby was first brought home. I knew that this would all change and they would grow to be best friends...Right? Well it has finally happened they are becoming friends and treating each other the way I would expect sisters to treat each other. It has been a struggle for me (the lonely only) to understand why they haven't always been loving and kind to one another. I have always told them that they need to love each other because God has blessed them with each other and not everyone has a wonderful blessing like that. I've prayed for them to understand that it is much more fun to play together than against each other and I can say now that my prayers have been answered!!! Now I know that siblings will not always get along and there will be battles to tend to, but the way my girls have been playing together and respecting each other is not letting me think about those times right now.


girlflyer said...

they look so cute !

Wendy said...

Hi Stephanie,

Paulie sent me your site, its wonderful! Your girls are so precious! Glad you are doing so well with your life. We had alot of fun times and I'm glad you are happy and have such a great family.
Give the cuties a hug for me.

Wendy Charbonneau

Stephanie said...

Thanks for stopping by Wendy, Paullie says you are doing good too:)It really has been too long.
Take Care.