Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A day at the pumpkin farm

We have been visiting a local tree farm for several years now. We go once in the fall for pumkins, grapes, hay rides and to see the animals. At Christmas time we go for a train ride to visit Santa in a log cabin nestled in the woods, roast marshmallows and get a tree. Well about two years ago we quit getting our tree there, way too exspensive. Now it looks like we are going to cut out our fall trip all together. We had to pay a $2 admission ea, well Bella was free because they thought she was only 3! And the pumpkin patch was mostly all green and really big, the kids like to pick out the little ones for themselves, no grapes either. And the word about this place is out and it was crowded, never ever used to be crowded or this pricey. So we just went on a hayride, looked at the animals and then drove the country side where we found some pumpkins for $1 a piece, can't beat that!! So next year we plan to pack a lunch and drive the counrty side in search of our fall harvest of pumpkins and squash. At least we captured some great pictures;)


iheartchocolate said...

I LOVE these! I know just what you mean about the pricey pumpkins! It's a shame. Everything is about money. Sad.

The pics on this and the last post are gorgeous. What a beautiful family! I hope you are well.

Ros said...

Well you got some great photos. I have to say - I do miss the pumpkin patches and tree farms and all those cool places. We don't have those here.