Friday, June 13, 2008

Time, why does it pass so quickly?

I can remember the first day that I brought Madison home from the hospital, nervous, excited, and fearful. Fearful of not being a good enough mother or that I would be able to provide all of the things that she will need. Little did I know that all she would ever need was her mommy and daddy's love. Maddie has been an angel in my life, trying at times, but still my little princess. I remember saying to Mike, " I wonder what she will look like when she is 2 and walking and talking", now she writes sentences and reads stories and invents all sorts of things.

Wednsday was her kindergarten graduation and let me tell you it was a tear jerker. Her teacher was wonderful, we all love her. The kids did a play that they learned in fine arts and then Mrs. Foster played a slideshow with emotion filled songs that made all of the moms cry all over again. We each recieved a copy too. I came home, watched it again, and cried all over again. Here are a few pictures. Maddie's teacher is the one on the left and the teachers aide is on the right. The other picture is with two of her best friends, Elizabeth on the left and Matilda on the right. They were quite silly:)

This is Maddie and Shyla, another best friend.

And here is "Peyton" I think all of the girls talked about him;)

And of course Bella and I got dressed up for the occasion. Thanks Paulette for Bella's dress that is the only reason she would wear it, because "Pauyette" bought it;)


Ros said...

Congratulations Maddie on graduating from kindergarten! And what a pretty dress :)
Time does fly!

Stephanie said...

I found that dress for $5 at WalMart!! Then she wanted to change as we were walking out the door!

iheartchocolate said...

Congrats to Maddie! I can't imagine my Maddy graduating kindergarten yet, but I know it won't be too long before I am writing this post!

This makes me think of when I "met" you! I think it was 1/2006! Right after Madison was born...time sure does fly on by.

You looked lovely by the way. Pics are adorable.

Stephanie said...

thanks Mandy, I feel better than I have in years. I can just see myself sitting down and reading your post on Maddy's kindergarten grad and laughing, or crying, at how fast the times goes by:)

Ros said...

Wow.. what a great buy on the dress!