Friday, March 21, 2008

Pictures from Bella's Birthday

For those of you who are not able to see Isabella being photographed, it is quite funny!! I have my camera in hand and say "Bella what did you get or Bella look at mommy" and this is what I get, EVERY time!!

It was very funny to watch her opening her presents, I would try to take a candid picture but, she would notice and jump right up and strike a pose:)) We all had a good laugh at that one!! Here are a few more pictures from that night. I did manage to get a few candid ones.

But she still managed to get in that pose;)


Ruthie said...

So like Bella...Whenever I have my camera out taking pictures of the girls playing together Bella is always striking a pose, "Ruuu, yook at me. Take my pic-ture, Ruuu." I love it! :) What a cutie.

Ros said...

Cute!! She just loves the camera, doesn't she!

Stephanie said...

Yes she has become quite the little ham. I remember when she was about 18 mo. or so and she would get so mad when I would take her picture, not so anymore;)

Stephanie said...

Oh and Ruuu...I can just hear her saying that to you:))