Friday, October 26, 2007

Clothes, Clothes, Clothes!!

Well we have ourselves not one but two little fashion diva's. I have been dealing with a 5 year old that has some very frustrating clothing issues. So I figured I'd blog about it and hopefully get some helpful ideas on how to deal with it. I have never seen a child become so upset and angry over the way a pair of pants fits. If they are hanging a little in the front inseam they are ripped off and thrown across the room. If the sleeves on a shirt are not the exact length it too is thrown aside. This goes on and on for an entire morning some days. Yesterday I had had it. I thought for sure we were going to be late because of "what to wear". Maddie starts school at 12:30 and at 11:45 she was still in her jammies, teeth not brushed, and her lunch sitting on the table! It is not like this everyday but it just gets worse as the days go by. I have tried letting her totally dress herself (matching or not), and even tried picking out 3 or 4 outfits for her to choose from. But when it is not the selection that matters but the fit of the clothes in the selection, this is where the high stress comes into play. I try to tell her of the hardships that other children in the world face and that having to have clothes that fit perfectly is silly in comparison to that, this does not help much either.

I am asking for suggestions, have any of you gone through anything like this? What might work, I will try anything. Please leave a comment, we need help over here.


Ros said...

hahaha.. sorry.. I have to laugh because it sounds somewhat familiar.. my six year old is like that and her friend is apparently too!
I can only speak for my daughter as I am not sure how her friend is doing - last I heard it wasn't too good!
As for Alexa - she used to be TERRIBLE but with age, it is getting easier. I mean this kid would try to not only worry about her own clothes but worry about whether or not her brother was dressed suitibly too.
She has chilled out a lot lately.
I have let her dress herself for the most part. Surprisingly she used to be very good at it. Recently, she is getting more daring and dressing a little less appropriately, so I try to compromise and she makes some of the choices and I make other choices. She loves to look through catalogs and see what other people are wearing. Maybe that's a good way to see that people wear all sorts of different styles..
I'm not really sure.. this is more of a ramble.. but you aren't alone.. and after all, you DID ask for comments! ;)

Stephanie said...

Thank You Ros. The other day she was starting up again about some of those legging pants (they were bugging her and she hated them) but they needed to be worn under the skirt that she picked. Eventually she let it go and ended up looking really "cool" I told her she looked like a superstar. That actually made her smile. I guess you do whatever works right?:))

Ros said...

Very good - sounds like a success to me!