Monday, January 01, 2007

A New Year

As we turn into a new year so do a slew of resolutions. My husband and I are giving up smoking, something that we are not proud of, and if you do not know us personally I should tell you that we do not smoke anywhere around our, cars,etc. Anyway this is something that we have been wanting to do and just used the resolution thing as a set date. For me this new year is a chance for me to focus on my inner self and that of my girls and husband also. I want to LIVE each day and not just "get through it" . I want to this new year to be an opportunity for our family to become a close knit happy family. Not a family that worries about a dirty dish in the sink or whether or not dinner is "good" enough, is the laundry all done, did the girls clean their room?, etc....
Here is a short passage from a book called Busy But Balanced by Mimi Doe, a great read so far, received from one of my very dearest friends for Christmas.

Parents do lose their tempers, moms don't always
want to cuddle, dinner doesn't have to come from
a recipe, not every spiritual family goes to church
or synagogue each week, calm can be found when
dishes aren't done and the house is full of activity.

Now if I can only get my husband to understand this I will be all set, lol.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season and I wish you all the best in 2007.

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Yellow Mama said...

I can add another thought...just always do what is right...not just what looks like it HAS to get done. Blessings this year.