Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I believe that my 4 year old daughter is really picking up on alot more of those little conversations between my hubby and I than previously thought.

The girls and I are on our way home from Maddie's last ballet class and she wants french fries from the "golden arches". Mind you I am trying to lose weight here so I come up with "Sweetie we just don't have the money to buy french fries right now, and besides they are not good for you to eat all the time". We turn the corner and head for home, end of conversation right?...Maddie comes back with "Don't they take credit cards?". I just laughed and held firm on my answer all the while thinking that we are in big trouble when she becomes a teenager and asks to borrow the credit card:0.


HolyMama! said...

ha! how cute.

mhutchinson said...

Gosh she looks lovely her nair naturally curly?

Blond Girl said...

Oh yeah, they catch on quick! Is that her in the picture? She doesn't look 4! She looks bigger than my six year old... I KNOW she has more hair! :-)

What a pretty little lady!