Monday, July 03, 2006

Rocky Raccoon

We have been camping with Granny and Papa Steve(Thursday-Saturday), and this year we encountered a new friend. His name just kind of slipped out of our mouths and it fit perfectly. After getting the girls to sleep we were enjoying some much needed adult relaxation time, only to be interrupted by "Rocky". My mom heard something, looked over behind Papa Steve, and just about jumped out of her chair!! There was "Rocky" about a foot away looking for a little midnight snack. so we decided since we had two bags of marshmallows, that we would see what would happen and how close this coon would actually get. Well as you can see by the photo, "Rocky", and Michael, were pretty laid back. This Raccoon actually took the marshmallow right off from Michael's shoe!! We sure had some cheap entertainment that night, and I think "Rocky" probably had a stomach ache from all of the marshmallows and Doritos:"(

As cute as he may look he is still a mischievous raccoon.In the middle of that night and the one after, he came back with a couple of his friends and really made a mess of our campsite. They tried to eat a bar of soap, tore open a bag of charcoal, knocked over a tote of empty cans, and tried to take of with small bottles of propane, they really are not that cute.

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HolyMama! said...

oh no! why soap?!