Sunday, June 25, 2006

Meet Gus and Jack

Maybe we are a little crazy or maybe it is our love for animals, but we have added two new kittens to our family. Gus and Jack are twin brothers, not twins like Thelma and Louise(who you can tell apart) but like identical twins with no distinct differences. It should be interesting trying to keep them straight but boy are they cute!! I know, I know all kittens are cute and they grow into cats but, I think cats are great too. Now to only hope that our house is still intact when we get back from our camping trip next week:0. I will keep you posted on that one.


owlhaven said...

We have two kittens right now too!
Mary, mom to many

Geekwif said...

They're adorable!! And you won't hear me calling you crazy anytime soon. I've got five of them and a puppy coming home to join them soon.

Paulette said...

Now I love my little dog but I would take these two in a minute!I like the names you picked too!