Sunday, May 14, 2006

I think I'll be staying in for a while.

On Thursday night Maddie was running from the Bella kitty(who was trying to lick her big sister) and as Bella went in for the kitty lick Maddie moved leaving Bella face to face with the metal stripping in the doorway!! Well her forehead(right above the eye) instantly swelled up. Over the next few days her eyelid and inside corner of her eye turned black and blue along with the lump on her forehead. Oh but that is not the end of Bella's boo-boo. Saturday my Dad and his wife came over for dinner and as we were getting ready to go outside, Bella tripped over her own feet and fell right into the puppet basket, same eye!! Now she has a scrape one the side of the same eye. As we woke up this morning we noticed that her eye is almost swelled shut, black and blue and red form the scrape. Needless to say we are not going to church today.


Yellow Mama said...

I remember this age with out son who is about to turn 7 next week. He had fallen and tripped multiple times one week. When we went to the drug store to get a prescription filled for one of our daughters, the pharmacist asked our son how he had gotten the bumps and scrapes and bruises. I knew what she was doing, but he handled her nicely...much nicer than what I wanted to do. Even through the bumps and bruises, you have a charming little girl...God bless.

Dabbling Mum said...

All I can say is ouch! How is she feeling?