Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The girls and I went for a little country drive after playing in the snow today and I took along the camera and captured this old barn surrounded with the snow covered trees. Just thought I'd share with all:)


HolyMama! said...

Absolutely beautiful! This Texan thanks you for sharing your snow!

HolyMama! said...

I've been thinking about your snow/ice pictures the last 2 days. It's been 75 degrees here, but not in a nice way. In a West Texas, oh-look-it's-so-windy-the-dirt-is-blowing-sideways sort of way. The images on your site look just the opposite of that. Like peace. Calm. Quiet. Hope you're enjoying, and thanks again for posting those!

Stephanie said...

wind and blowing dirt sound good about right now. We got hit with another 4-6 inches of snow Friday:o
I am so ready for spring, I want o see all of my new plants and flowers that were put in last summer, I too have a love for gardening:)