Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Now that the girls have eaten all of the boot house we decided to create a "gingerbread house". In a more relaxed environment I believe we did a pretty good job. Mind you the girls did not get to bed until a little after 10 pm because of all the sampling they did while creating , and the fact that the roof is so heavy that we had to put in side supports to keep it from falling down:) but the fun we had doing it was well worth it.

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Kelsey said...

Wow, are your girls cute when they sleep! (The cat, too.) I'm so impressed because I'm awful at crafty type things - especially gingerbread houses. We did one last year and it stressed me out and I was having to take deep breaths every time the powdered sugar (snow) went all over the floor. I so wish I was the type of mom who could just 'go with it' and enjoy the mess and the quality time. Instead, my kids were probably thrilled when we were done! I like your site, and am so thankful for you, my very, very first ever commenter.